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Why GVM Weight Checking?

Don’t get stressed out at your local weigh bridge, un-attaching trailers and moving vehicles while the line builds and then not knowing what your separate axle weights are.

GVM Check can weigh your car and trailer attached and un-attached in one smooth easy process on a purpose built level surface.

Let  GVM Check sort out the weight for you.

  • Gross Vehicle Mass
  • Gross Trailer Mass
  • Gross Combined Vehicle Mass
  • Aggregate Trailer Mass
  • Tow Ball Mass
  • Maximum Towing Capacity
  • Maximum Axle Loads

Why Worry?

Manufacturers won’t cover a vehicle under warranty that is overloaded.

What isn’t covered….
Neglect and Misuse
This includes: – Misuse or abuse of the vehicle caused by racing, rallying, overloading or general neglect.
This includes, but is not limited to, damage caused by: – An accident, fire or theft – Moving objects striking the vehicle (including inside the vehicle) – Inappropriate towing .”
From Page 2 https://www.holden.com.au/resources/documents/MY15_SWB_CPS_NVW.pdf

Insurance doesn’t cover a vehicle that is overloaded.

This is from the NRMA  MV PDS
“Vehicle use;
We don’t provide cover if any of these applied when the incident happened: – the driver of your vehicle or a passenger was being wilful or reckless your vehicle or anything it was towing:
– was in an unsafe condition
– was being towed illegally
– exceeded the number of passengers or load limits recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer”

“Common causes of voided car insurance:

Overloaded vehicle: If there are more people in the car than there are seat belts, you can assume that your insurance is void. The same applies to all overloading, for both cars and trailers, in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific vehicles.”
From https://www.finder.com.au/car-insurance-exclusions


An overloaded vehicle, caravan, trailer or 5th wheeler is not safe.
“Failure to abide by the towing regulations, including maximum loads, may result in a fine, or in the case of an accident, refusal of the insurance claim, and the possibility of further legal action.”

“I’m afraid the good old Aussie attitude of “she’ll be right” doesn’t cut it when road safety is concerned and like your body, having your van overweight isn’t very healthy, not just you but for everyone on the road.”